Monthly Me (April ’19)

Looking back, April was a bizarre mix of schoolwork and partying. It started with me going to a formal that took place on a boat. My friend and I sat on the deck and caught up while the Benjamin Franklin bridge sparkled blue not too far away.

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New music I’m excited about

This month, my life has been blessed with new releases from my faves:

This long-awaited album might have gotten me pregnant. Of course I love his debut album, but…“who has Hozier been fucking for the last four years to get this kind of lyrical power”? I feel like his musical repertoire has grown in a more powerful way, allowing him to belt gospel-like vocals like “Nina Cried Power” and to try out more upbeat songs, like “Nobody” and “Would that I” (probably my favorites). Anyway…I might already be calling this my favorite album of 2019.

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Monthly Me (Feb ’19)

This month I may have felt happier than I have in all of college. I think it’s because I’m getting busier and less bored — I think it’s because I’m going out more.

I’m pretty proud of myself because I’ve been holding fast to my resolutions by going to the gym (!) and seeking new research/club leadership opportunities. I’ve been keeping busy by meeting new people (thanks Tinder) and doing frivolous things, like joining the design department of my student newspaper. This month my therapy group also started back up again!

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A study of sadness

(My evolving relationship with melancholy)

I certainly don’t like the bad things that have happened to me, yet sometimes I can’t help myself from acting like an emo middle school girl: “I like to soak in my sadness until I prune,” I wrote in my journal two summers ago. Interesting that I portrayed dipping in sadness as part of daily life, as something that is not unhealthy in normal doses. But it’s clear that, in a dangerous combination of self-obsession and aesthetics, there’s something about the repose of sadness that attracts me even as it hurts.

It’s not self-obsession…

Our trip to Lebanon!

Hello WordPress, glad to be back! I’ve been busy since I last blogged because I’ve returned to school to study. But before then, I went abroad to the Middle East for the first time, which is the topic of this post!

My college housemate Mina lives in Lebanon, so a few of us decided to visit her over Winter Break. I’ve never been to the Middle East so I had no idea to expect as we boarded multiple long flights to meet her in Beirut.

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I’m Ready, 2019!


Making the above collage was interesting and took much longer than I thought — I’m slowly remembering all the places I’ve visited. In a similar way, I’ve almost forgot all the spiritual shifts and growth I’ve had this year.

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