A few days after my MCAT exam, my family flew out to Seattle to visit my sister, who works there.

It was my first time in Seattle and Northwest America in general! It was a little chillier than I would have liked for late August, but I was impressed by the plentiful waters and the mountains, rugged and rug-like with their thick carpet of evergreens.

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Elementary: The Finale

Y’all…a show that I started watching when I was fourteen ended this week. I’m currently 21 and already missing these characters dearly.

I’m hardly coherent so here are my bulleted thoughts on what I thought was so great and fitting about this last episode (in semi-chronological order)

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Monthly Me (July ’19)

July alternated between me getting scorched on my walk to work and days of relentless flood warnings blowing up my phone. There was even a flood warning during the Fourth of July party at my house — though luckily we grilled and chatted without a drop of rain. I think that party I hosted was the highlight of my summer. I’ve never grilled by myself before, never ordered a plethora of party supplies from Instacart…the chopped watermelon, Arnold Palmer, and patties were a huge hit!

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Self-care during a summer of studying

Ah, mental health during the summer — this summer marks the first time in a year that I’m not in the therapy, and I am also studying for my MCAT exam in August while having a part-time job. Certainly not the worst of circumstances, but wellness has been on my mind!

I can talk about my pre-med experience in another post, but since I’m preparing for the MCAT to make up for a lackluster GPA, it is hard to take study breaks without feeling guilty. However, I’m still making it a point to practice self-care through these ways:

  • Growing plants, caring for bouquets
  • Going to the farmers market and getting said bouquet
  • Watching the new Elementary episodes every Friday
  • Enjoying the NEW PANERA BREAD that opened on my campus. For those who don’t know, I’m a FIEND for Panera Bread.
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Elementary: The Final Season – Episodes 5 & 6

Oh shit — Reichenbach is here!

I knew from articles that Odin Reichenbach would be a new villain in this season, but for some reason I did not expect him to be connected to the shooting of the Captain. That just makes me so happy because it means the writers are really going to carry this plot to the finale, making this season the most cohesive season of the whole show!

I think Elementary’s re-invention of Reichenbach is a perfect villain and foil to Sherlock and Joan. For a long time, the show has been about the thin line between justice and vigilantism as Joanlock engage in some exciting (but problematic) breaches of privacy and law: investigating without warrants, employing hackers, and literally breaking into people’s homes. While earlier seasons addressed this, Reichenbach reminds us that this dubious behavior can’t continue without consequences.

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Elementary: The Final Season – Episodes 3 & 4

So, Joanlock is firmly back in NY — I have some feelings about that.

Was I really thrilled that, despite the opportunity to explore Joan’s character through the London setting, the show instead pulls the “Sherlock-has-a-rich-daddy” card? Not really, but the writing is saved from laziness when Sherlock faces hard moral consequences after indulging in patrilineal tactics — the FBI’s framing and murder of the prisoner seems like a fitting resolution to this plot loophole that Sherlock climbs through, though there absolutely must be more elaboration on how Joan reacts to this payment of life for Sherlock’s freedom!

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