Hello WordPress!

Thanks a bunch for checking out my blog.  Basics first: I am a sixteen-year-old girl who lives in upstate New York.  I find joy in many things, such as music, Hetalia (as well as a couple of other shows), puns, dogs, violin, and science.  Those you can find in abundance on my tumblr.  But my earliest passion, my most unique quality, and my best method of portraying myself is undoubtedly just this: writing.

Ever since my fanfiction has been completed, I found myself not writing as much as I should be.  If I want to be a full-time writer in the future, then surely I should be practicing much more!

I discovered the beauty of personal essays during a Creative Nonfiction course I took two summers ago; I gained an interest in social justice and dismantling the patriarchy (particularly from Elementary), and took great interest in reading and writing meta because of tumblr.  But it’s hard to start a writing blog on a site as silly as Tumblr – especially when you run a blog that focuses on praising an anime.  So this is my fresh start – like opening a new journal.

What can you expect from me?  

  • I’m really hoping to update this blog at least once a week.
  • This won’t exactly be a journal, but you’ll probably hear about moments of my life worthy enough to grasp and ramble about.
  • There’ll be plenty of musings of major events that happened to me in the past, emotionally at least.
  • There will probably be glimpses of my writing process as I tackle various projects, which vary from school essays and fantasy sagas.
  • And, oh, there will be rants.  I have lots to say about social issues – some days I am simply frothing at the mouth.  I will probably vent this by commenting on various media.
  • Sorry, I am completely baffled by poetry, but I sometimes write prose that is very roundabout and symbolic.

Now to address the most burning question: What on earth does “piece of caustic” come from?  It comes from one of my favorite Dickens quotes (so far):

“What a comical brother-in-law you are!”
“What a comical brother-in-law old Bounderby is, I think you mean,” said Tom.  
“You are a piece of caustic, Tom,” retorted Mr. James Harthouse.

In my personal interpretation, calling someone a “piece of caustic” is the modern-day equivalent of saying, “You’re a little shit.”  Especially if one is sassy or sarcastic.  Not only do I consider myself as a piece of caustic, but I also hope that many of my blog posts will be pieces of caustic.  Particularly in more non-fiction inclined posts, I will aim to show my voice, which many describe as sassy.  Hopefully, this will entertain you and make rather solemn topics more lively.  Because I had such difficulty starting this inaugural post, I dropped the sassy monologue one would expect, but I will try my best in my upcoming (soon!) post.

I am a great fan for chatting over the internet, so do not be shy to correct me, offer your opinion, or simply talk about silly stuff!  I will always respond promptly, as obviously I am not very internet-popular at the moment.

I look forward to sharing myself with you!



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