The Rise of a New Era

It was a busy week – there were a couple disappointments, but nothing that I can’t get over.  This will be a short post, and I hope to post some more tomorrow (okay, well, technically today, since it’s 2 am), but now is the time where I reveal to you one of my foremost traits: my love of the band Coldplay.

On Monday, I saw on my Facebook feed an enigmatic message from Coldplay’s page about a surprise arriving the next day…expecting another new-Era gif, I scrolled right past it.  When I came home from school the next day, there was a new Coldplay single.

A new Coldplay single.

“Midnight” is so light, relaxing, and ethereal.  It’s honestly beautiful.  However, I understand those who are disappointed with it – most seem to be grumbling mainly because of the auto-tune.  I shed a tear because of the auto-tune.  If Chris’s voice wasn’t so altered, the track would be flawless, in my opinion.  Probably one of my favorites of all time.  So yes, I too feel that sore disappointment of what if.

But my excitement overpowers all of that.  Because “Midnight,” despite its name, is the dawn of a new age of Coldplay.  People should not be too critical of it because it is simply a curtain-opener — the beginning A that an orchestra makes tunes to before unleashing the good stuff.  Coldplay is an amazing band because they are constantly morphing, constantly experimenting, constantly innovating – which means each album is unique.  The beginning of a album doesn’t mean new songs.  It is equal to a dawn of a new century.  A new Coldplay era means a new mood, a new color palette, new instruments, new cover art, and even a new wardrobe for the band.  Mylo Xyloto was all about color, bringing life to monotony and rising against repression.  The sound was extremely bright and happy and as a result – poppy.  Midnight could not be any further from this.  The whole video is in black and white, but inverted.  Coldplay took the experimentation they made with MX and evolved it into something astonishing.  The chilling and dark mood brings back themes from A Rush of Blood to the Head.  The spookiness reminds me of Cemeteries of London” and the electronic music reminds me of X&Y — my favorite album of all time.  I am shaking.

I joined the Coldplay fandom less than two years ago, when Mylo Xyloto was complete and the boys were already touring. Through Tumblr, I learned what being a Coldplay fan was like.  The birth of each album was an exciting experience, and I learned about this with a slight jealousy that I hadn’t discovered the band a few months earlier to experience it too.  But now it is happening.

It’s like watching a rare comet that only comes by every century, maybe every millennium.  You can be taught all about the comet – what it’s made of, what it looks like.  You learn all the science and facts about it.  But standing under that black sky and seeing it streaking against the sky, you realize that you never understood it at all.  You couldn’t even comprehend what it was like to see it first-hand — and now it’s reflected, burning white-hot in your gleaming irises.  Now you see.

That is what Midnight means to me.

Updating soon!



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