Post-script on “10/10 would bang”

When you hear “hollow,” don’t think: dead inside.  Don’t think: empty.  Think: lighter.  Think: More leg room on an airplane.   Think: of a timpani drum that is hopefully in tune and very shiny.  That, my dear reader, is how I feel at this moment.”

I confess: this part drew inspiration from Love, Star Girl by Jerry Spinelli.


It’s a paragraph in the book that always felt like a speed bump to me, because all that he is doing is describing a girl’s room.  I noticed it again when I reread the book a few days ago.  Though I personally don’t love that paragraph, I thought that its structure would empower the ending of my post last night, so I tried it out.

Love, Stargirl is a book that is super important to me.  I usually read it at least once a year, and each time I find something new to relate to.    I have a friend who hails The Fault in Our Stars as her bible the way that Hazel Grace clutches onto An Imperial Affliction.  I think Love, Stargirl is the closest thing I have to that.   Though I am more critical of the book each time I reread it, there is no doubt that I learned so much from it.   Stargirl is an older sister who taught me to find peace in lost love, and I shouted at the part when she was frustrated at Perry Delloplane’s confusing signals.  I relate to this book so much.

I’m not sure what this post is, but I quite like it.  There’ll probably be more reviews like this in the future.  I like rereading and commenting on my own stuff.  Sometimes I am a bit of a narcissist, that way.

Anyway, now I will close with lyrics I discovered today.  They reminded me of what I wrote last night.

Don’t wake up feeling bad
It’s not your fault
It’s all you had
And if you’re having a bad night
You don’t have to go home
Don’t wait around, he’ll never call
Don’t stick around, it’s not that hard
to find somebody who really cares about you

I lie awake
I try to forget
And I know there’s always something left
A piece of somebody you’d rather forget
But I’ll never ever let myself be like that
So you try and you try and you’d rather die
But it’s what’s inside that keeps you alive
It’s not better today, but it’s better that way
Don’t say you’ll change
Just don’t see it their way


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