Treasures of Prose

I had a proper post planned for today – but my procrastination got to the better of me.  Here, instead, are some quotes of prose that I like.  Sometimes when I read, I become so touched that I pause and take a photo of the page with my phone’s camera.  One of the many reasons why I am a horrendously slow reader.

Below are the quotes on my phone that had a religious-sort-of theme.   This surprised me, considering that I’m not very religious myself.  Anyway, I’ll post more pictures of writing snippets in the future!


Part of my Summer reading homework for European history. This choked me up for some reason. I have not gone to church in years. (From A History of the Modern World by R.R. Palmer)


I related to these pages from “The Fault in Our Stars” very much.


Another read for European history, with another passage about Christianity that I liked. My project was for Martin Luther. Strangely, this class gave me a new-found appreciation for my faith.


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