Everyone seems to be oblivious to the newlyweds in town.  Winter and Spring have finally resolved their differences and fell for each other.  When Spring first moved in, there was a fight, God knows what about, and winter threw a fit that caused two snowdays in the March.  But now Spring and Winter are living together comfortably.  They share the household chores.  Winter leaves powdered sugar across the countertops and leaves the freezer open.  Spring cleans after with a spritz of water and dries with golden rays.  And during showers, they are so close that it’s hard to recognize the precipitation as rain or snow.  Their favorite pastime is curling up on the couch and opening the paper to the forecast.  They laugh heartily: “Oh, these silly tabloids.”  They enjoy our confusion and frustration at the “indecisive” weather.  They purposely send flurries of frost after facetious temperatures of 50.

Spring softens Winter’s harsh edge while its snow reflects the brilliance of the sun.  I step outside on one of their particularly happy days to warm air and blue skies.  White still coats the ground and patio, but the sewer gurgles with a stream of melted snow.  The huge piles have shrunk into isolated mounds that are layered with powder and slush.  Slush that is delightful to stomp in.  I bound across the driveway in my boots, leaping into the heaps of snow as if they are puddles of rain.



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