Summer Re-reading


I have a lot to flip through a lot this summer — on top of summer reading for AP Latin, AP US History, and AP Language, I would like to get some YA fiction under my belt as well as some light research for some story ideas.  However, I’m not going to the public library until later this week–so I decided to get started on some re-reading!

Re-reading the books used to take up much of my younger life.  Living the story again, discovering new details, memorizing the rhythm of worn novels was a frequent hobby that I categorize separately from reading new material.  Since quite some time has passed since selecting something from my crammed bookshelf, I think that revisiting some childhood favorites could be an interesting learning experience, and I’ll be able to notice even more things than I did before.

And ’cause these books rock, too.

This summer’s must-rereads are The Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall and Criss Cross by Lynne Rae Perkins.  I’m reading The Penderwicks first and saving Criss Cross for later.

The beautiful thing about re-reading is that it can be a therapeutic experience.  Since the themes and feel of the book are already familiar, one can pick and choose what to re-read based on their mood.  I chose these two books because both they’re both about the fleeting sweetness of summer.  I remember that Criss Cross specifically addresses fate and young love, which are pertinent to my interests right now.

I’ll keep you posted about what else I’m reading this summer–and I’d love to hear back from you!  What are you planning to read this summer, and are you re-reading anything?

 All the best,



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