Review of Soda Crush

Shameless confession: I am a huge fan of Candy Crush.

I’m able to declare this with relatively little self-consciousness because

1) Liking games isn’t something to be ashamed of and

2) I am BALLIN’ at Candy Crush. So naturally, I fell right into King’s latest trap: Soda Crush.

Like, if my soul was translated into a petty iPhone game, Soda Crush is it.  I mean, purple is my favorite color, soda is one of my favorite drinks, and I LOVE cute lil’ bears.  So a game that floods purple soda, with gummy bears in need of saving?  My heart. I’ll move on now to some of the less trivial and less weirdly personal things I like about the game:

Awesome New Concepts As I got into the 500+ levels of normal Candy Crush, it was clear that the creators were…struggling in terms of creativity.  I mean, once one of your levels is named “Crunchy Courtyard,” you know things are getting stale.  That’s what I thought Soda Crush would be like.  Stale. That could not be farther from the truth.  There are some very novel, clever ways that the Soda Crush creators spiced up the game.  One of the concepts I love the most is how candy pieces that are under soda rise instead of fall–imitating how ice cubes would float in a drink! Another lovely idea is when you reach level 5 or so–you reach a river.  On that certain board, the displaced candy all shifts in a certain direction, as if directed by the current of the stream.10822526_612779095511275_562199703_n Soda Crush also has a wealth of interesting characters to greet you as you progress–a trend that had disappeared by the early days of Candy Crush.


soda crush after dark

However, these new changes are not spelled out for you.  I spent many minutes in puzzlement as to why my candy went up instead of down.  But that’s one of the pleasures of Soda Crush–it’s quite a bit more challenging than Candy Crush.

Difficulty Level :  High.  Sure, the first few levels are introductory and warm-ups, but it won’t be too long until you’ll be struggling with early levels and slipping into two-or even one-star outcomes.  Most of this difficulty is due to the strange concepts mentioned above, but there’s a few other factors, too–

  1. You can’t exit the level without losing a life. For me, this is the greatest vice.  MUCH of my high-level Candy Crush playing is dependent on exiting the game without consequence when the shuffle is not in my favor.  But alas, this lazy method of playing is lost in Soda Crush.

The difficulty level gives me the impression that Soda Crush is truly for diehard Crush players–the exact opposite of DreamWorld, which I consider an easier (and lesser) form. Still, don’t let this be discouraging–there are many gifts of Soda Crush that give us a little breather:

NICE changes!

  1. You can MAKE fish! This was such a pleasant surprise–form a square of four candies of the same color, and you form a little fish.  And the fish actually has a sense of purpose and direction!  I’m so glad that the fish are not as completely useless as they are in the Candy Crush world.
  2. COOL new candy! There is a boss new candy that applies its color to whatever candy of the color it switches with.

    lookit that gem

    As well as cute little soda-bottle candy that raises the level of soda when matched with its color.


    all BOTTLED UP in their cages

  3. Wrapped Candy/Color Bomb combo FINALLY done right! Remember those sad days of Candy Crush when switching a coveted five-combo-candy results in nothing more than a brief flash of color–and that’s it?  You can shed your tears of joy.  Now, when doing that same move in Soda Crush, all candies of that color turn into packaged candy.  Kaboom.

Overall thoughts:  I LOVE Soda Crush, especially its design and new flourishes.  But I understand its vices.  The difficulty of the game might be a big turnoff.  Soda Crush is also more persistent than Candy Crush in advertisement and pushing you to buy powerups.  Since the new game has so many moving parts, the app can also slow down and freeze often.  However, as the producers continue to update the app and smooth out the rough edges, I think it will be worthwhile for your time.  The app’s efficiency has already improved noticeably.



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