What I’m Up To: January 2015


Recently finished reading

an ingenious ending

Currently reading:

for an English class



An excellent musical that I hope sees Broadway one day

Why, when boys fight does it look so terrible, yet

Feel so riiight?


I’m really starting to admire Nicki Minaj, and I think it has become evident when I heard the shade she threw down in this song’s best and final verse


I considered giving this spot to the newly-reawakened Parks and Recreation, but honestly Brooklyn Nine-Nine continues to steal my heart and crack me up the most.

Current Obsessions 

Because of midterms — which just ended today (yay!) — I’ve been dipping my feet deeper into what they call studyspo: blogging/posting pretty pictures/sharing study tips for education inspiration.

And not far from studyspo, of course, is a renewed interest in candle-burning, thanks to some holiday gifts.

my attempt at a studyspo pic



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