What I’m Up To (March 2015)

March was a very full month.  At the end of it, everything started caving in, but I’m doing my best to remember the great weeks I had before this junior year shitstorm.

Selections from my Camera Roll

Bits of Internal Monologue

  • “I cannot stop mentally replaying every moment when a nice senior talked to me this weekend.  So very nice…so very senior.”
  • “Strife never ends.”  (The past week was…difficult for me).
  • “People look at me and assume that I’m not thinking about Science Olympiad, but I am.”

Fave Words

  • Rekt (wrecked) and bomb (as in: “Your hair looks so bomb today!).


The trend this month seemed to be: discover one song, repeat it 50 times nonstop, then get bored of it and find another song.  Repeat.


In AP Language and Composition, we finished reading (and writing a difficult essay) for  and on Thursday I checked out The Scarlet Letter from the school library for Spring Break reading.


Honestly this month’s weeklies were pretty underwhelming, with the exception of recent episodes of Jane the Virgin.  But Brooklyn Nine-Nine outshone everything with the episode Boyle-Linetti wedding.  If you’re wondering why, only one screencap is necessary explanation. OTP.  Fighting crime.  In fancy clothes.  Basically, it was my fave episode by this concept alone.


  • boiz
  • the current chapter of my dear, beloved, cherished, adored, favorite webcomic Gunnerkrigg Court
  • orchestra



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