What I’m Up to (May 2015)

I’m back and kickin after AP Hell!  There’ll be some things that happened in April, since as you can tell I have not been active in a looong time.  😀

Selections from my Camera Roll

As you can see with the first picture, my month consisted of stress and losing all regard for my physical appearance.  Until prom came around, that is. 🙂


Sadly, my booklist recently has been a depressing amount of review books, but I’m super excited to show you guys a book I got from my school when I won a science award:

click for larger and clearer


Look at how cool the cover is!  There’s some pages in the middle with color photos, and a sticker on the inside even has my name on it!  You don’t know this yet, but along with writing I am actually quite passionate about science, and cellular biology is definitely near the top of my faves list.  So this gift is actually perfect.

Bits of Internal Monologue

  • “Well, the worst thing that can happen is that everyone thinks I’m a stone-cold bitch.  Most of my friends already know I’m a stone-cold bitch, so that doesn’t really matter to me.”
  • “I look like a trash bag”
  • “I’m fine, it’s just, every time I see him I want to make out with him.”





  • My split ends
  • EDM
  • Exams


All of my shows finale’d within two weeks of each other, and I’m still not emotionally ready to talk about it.  What continue to haunt me 24/7 are:

click for source! Elementary Season 3 Finaleclick for source Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Finale (!!!)

Fave Words

  • Shut down (as in: “You need to shut down that chick who’s smitten with you”)

With APs over and summer coming soon, I hope to update this blog much more. Thank you very much for sticking with me!



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