What I’m Up To (June 2015)

JUNE brought a quiet ending to my Junior year of high school, long rains, and a criss-crossing roadtrip.  The relief from academia is sweet, sweet, sweet — though I still need to anticipate my internship and deep pondering for College in the upcoming months.


June books

I’m juggling too many at once!  Anna Karenina is required for AP Literature next year.  But I simply can’t resist the Vietnam War memoir or the bioethics narrative.  (Not that Tolstoy isn’t enjoyable so far.)  Click for full size.

Bits of Internal Monologue

  • May Panera Bread inherit the Earth.
  • I’m the only one here with Pizza Goldfish, and I’m glad.  (Thought at a college Information Session).
  • I’m still anxious for the fog to clear.
  • my new blog description (Nerdy, Wordy, + sometimes worldly).  The old one was Rants; rambles; reflections.  How do you think the two compare?

Selections from my Camera Roll

Fave Words

  • Trash

keep your glee trash on the street please






All my shows are off air (except Graceland), so I have resumed watching Would I Lie to You, a delightful British comedy panel show.  David Mitchell and Lee Mack are perfect.

Also, contrary to popular opinion, I enjoyed the latest season of Game of Thrones a lot; in fact it seemed to be over too soon.  This is probably because I haven’t read the books, however.  It seemed a lot less sexual than usual, which appealed to me.  One thing that very few people seem to be talking about is [SPOILERS] the death of a certain Baratheon.  To me, it was the most horrific moment in the entire season, and I’m still recovering.

Also, I’m so glad I am able to post more frequently on here.  I have a lot of post ideas that you’ll see very soon!



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