Wonderful Strangers (July 4th Edition)

Continuation of this post, where I talk about cool people I intersected with in Europe.

july 4My father noticed them first.  “You’re all set up!  You’ve got your candle, wine, and chairs with you.”

His comment drew my attention to an old-ish couple, maybe around sixty, sitting on the edge of Lake Canandaigua, our discovered site for firework-watching.  They had a mini  cooler covered with a small patterned cloth.  On top were: a beer can for the husband, a glass of mulberry-colored wine for the wife, and a lit candle flickering in between, with a lighter resting beside it.  I thought that it was the most adorable thing I’ve seen.

I hesitate to call them old, as the man still had brown color in his hair, and the woman was so enthused with a youthful energy.  While waiting for the fireworks to start, I jiggled my knee out of boredom.  She approached me with a plaid blanket stretched between her hands.

“You’re so cold!” she cooed as she laid it across my lap.

“Huh?  Oh, I’m really not,” I protested.

“Yes you are!  I can see you shivering from all the way over there.”

I realized that I misled her, so I played along and accepted the blanket.  I’m not enough of an extrovert like her to do otherwise.  As her husband stared over the wavy surface of the water, she chatted to us about their Labor Day traditions, their 30-minute drive, and, best of all, what she bought on the internet for that day.  She lifted up a thin package of floating lanterns. The onlookers watched in fascination as the couple unfolded the lantern and ignited the fuel cell.

We all cheered as it lifted into the air and she cried, “Make a wish!”  I made a quick wish about colleges, but as the balloon became a tiny speck in the indigo sky, I felt bad about my wish for some reason.  They launched a second one; I wished about writing.


Wow, two posts in one week?  You can tell that summer is treating me well 😉


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