Character Ideas

I should really focus more on developing my sense of setting, but character ideas keep popping up like dandelions.  Some of them are developed, most are not.  Some of them are main characters, most are side characters.  Most of them are girls (which I may explain in a later post).

An elderly person who raises flowers instead of children


Girl who has a playlist for every occasion because she is constantly compiling playlists for obscure situations.  Bonfire Party Playlist, On The Train Playlist, Going Out for Fast Food Playlist (With Friends Vers.), Standard Tuesday Playlist.  She always capitalizes, even when it’s unwarranted.


Girl who cries at everything, but she is a pillar of bravery and strength.  Straight, flat platinum blonde hair with librarian glasses.  (She has to take off her glasses when she tears up).  Sniffles and has a tinkling laugh.  Hilariously balls up her fist when she’s angry.


Shimmery pink eyeshadow, overpriced camera full of pictures of beautiful boys.  She’s a babe.  So much so that she’d seem like one who wouldn’t give out-of-leaguers the time of day.  But her heart is soft and sticky as a cheek-full of bubblegum.  


Her name is Kristie and her philosophy of life is that it’s better to blend in, stay low-key, be a background character.  Being quiet has made her observant, and being observant has given her a fine-tuned sense of empathy.  She despises this however — it’s too much of a burden; it places too much responsibility onto her.  Slowly, she realizes that she’s not as normal or good as she thinks she is.  She is poisonously fascinated with gossip.  She has a greater capacity to manipulate than she anticipates.


“She took out a cherry Chapstick, applied, and held the tube between two fingers like a chubby, magenta cigarette.”


Character who claims to have no compassion — “I’m a stone-cold bitch.”  But she does have a heart — she’s just deathly afraid to expose it, lest she gets hurt.  It’s easier to not care.  It’s easier to be mean.  (But it’s hard to pretend.)


Girlfriend who speaks in hyperboles.


“She is the polar opposite of herself.  She is at once glowing with joy and at the same time drowning in a well of sadness collected within herself.  She is at once kind and gentle but also self-centered and uncaring.  She is at once as trusting, wide-eyed and clueless as a newborn, but she also stares off into the distance with an ache in her eyes that is a thousand years old.  She has multiple faces and contradictions but is genuine.  She fits into so many skins that she fits snugly into none.

She makes me believe in reincarnation, for how could she be anything else but a girl who remembers her dozens of past lives a little too well?”

If you’d like me to elaborate on any of these ideas, let me know in the comments below!

More stuff about characters 



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