Casting a Line of Words

When discussing the college essay, the most common advice people give is this: “If your nameless essay was dropped in the school hallway and anyone picked it up, it should be obvious that you wrote it.”  This “Just do you!” slogan is meant to be relieving, I think, but it actually just puts me even more on edge about this whole college admissions process.

As I’ve said before, I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for a sure sense of self to crystallize before me, but now I am seventeen years old and I still feel confused at the girl who looks back at me in the mirror sometimes.  I feel like I am running out of time.  I just feel like I need to know myself before I decide the rest of my life (gulp).

And so I’ve developed a summer plan of action to discover Me.  Its sole device is language.

The combination of words, paper, and ink produce a voice that is much wiser and more honest than I’ve ever been.  I can’t count how many nights I’ve turned to my notebook distressed and, after I set my pen down, I’ve felt centered and at peace.  Writing has saved me, so I have every reason to believe that it can find me.

So I have a few word-related projects: WordPress, my Lyric Wall, frequent journal-writing, and fiction.

The WordPress plan is straightforward.  Continue this groove of posting at least weekly.  I have so many post ideas, it’s crazy!

My Lyric Wall is a really artsy endeavor I’m trying to pull off.  I’ve been thinking for a while how I want my favorite lyrics and quotes displayed on my bedroom wall.  For inspiration and aesthetic.  I’ve made a Word doc of these lyrics and quotes that I need to figure out how to print.

Quotes sample

And I might use watercolors (my favorite art medium) to add a splash of color.  Who knows, who knows.

I also have a goal of filling up my journal this summer.  Journal writing, to me, is basically the art of talking to myself, and it’s therapeutic.  I’ve got a lot of other notebooks that I’m excited to use!  (And they’re definitely sturdier than this old, beloved thing).


How much I have left

And I also want to write some short stories!  This is probably my most difficult project, as I have so many ideas but they’re all so underdeveloped.  Maybe I’ll share some draft snippets on here.  But yeah, I’ll be posting those ideas and keep you updated on my progress for all of these projects!

I’m posting this plan for accountability, and also for your thoughts!  Feel free to comment below. 🙂



4 thoughts on “Casting a Line of Words

  1. Priyanka says:

    You got the part about struggling to find a sense of self exactly right. I’ve been feeling confused lately too, so it feels nice to know a friend is going through the same thing. Good luck with all your projects man ❤

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