Ton of Gold or a Ton of Feathers?

“Have you ever loved me?”  The question sounded weary, as if it had been trying to escape my mouth for a long time and finally found its release.  I turned to look at her and awaited the answer.

Her lips pressed thinly together as she carefully picked her words.  “I once loved someone for a single summer,” she began slowly.  “Not even.  But still…I can say pretty confidently that at the time, I was in love with him.  That is, I knew that in each individual moment with him, I was overcome by the strongest passion I had known in my life so far.

“For him, I felt very strongly for only a handful of moments, but for you it is the exact opposite.  All these years, I’ve only felt lukewarm.  I never burned.  Choose any instance in our history to ask if I loved you — even within a middle schooler’s definition of the word — and I would have said no.

“But maybe love comes in different forms.  Maybe gold can weigh the same as feathers.  Maybe years of drizzle can amount to a flood.  Maybe a thousand stones can build a cathedral.  This is the only way I can explain how I wasn’t in love with you, yet I think I love you.”

This is just an imaginary conversation I thought about and wrote down

[Photo source]

Happy August! 😀



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