Dynamics, man!

The title is the interjection I usually say when discussing with a certain friend about relationships, which can range from romantic to platonic or real-life to fictional.  Perhaps the only things that get me more worked up than great characters are interesting and complex dynamics.  


Introverted Boy and a more confident Girl hit it off very well during a late night at school — because of some sort of club activity, volunteering project, sporting event, whatever. They start dating soon after, but Boy is warned that Girl is quite flirtatious, which may be a problem.  But Boy’s fears quickly vanish because Girl satisfies her love of flirting by hitting on her boyfriend as if they’ve just met.  Repeatedly.

Girl: Oh hey there stranger…got a number to go with that fly shirt? (They’ve been dating and texting for months).

Boy (gaspinin mock indignation): Are you hitting on me?  What gives you the right?

Classmates (embarrassed): This is the third time this week!

They contend for Class Couple.


Story about addiction — to drugs and to each other.  The guy is a smoker and the librarian that he annoys condemns his behavior (she actually loves the smell because her childhood home consisted of secondhand smoking — to her undoing, he discovers this secret she’s hiding).  She’s never dated anyone bad and he’s never dated anyone good.  They have their cute moments but are ultimately toxic and dysfunctional.  Eventually they split — for good — and they grow better separately: she comes to terms with her repressed trouble-maker side, and he seeks help for his drug problem.


A prince and princess are forced into an arranged marriage to become the monarchs of a kingdom, and they do not mesh.  In an initial attempt to find a romantic spark, they end up hating each other.  They have to pretend to be a loving couple for the sake of publicity, but they hate each other.  Once they accept that a romantic relationship is futile because they’re incompatible, they become BFFs and rule the nation with pure platonic excellence.

Other notes on them:

  • They secretly commission a special bed that can separate so that they don’t have to sleep together.
  • The queen falls in love with a knight and the king happily becomes her #1 wingman.
  • In order to produce an heir (had to happen eventually), they get extremely drunk so that they remember the night as little as possible.
  • (And even though they don’t love each other, they love their son very much).


Two teens struggle with nostalgia try to find respite in each other (they had a childhood crush on each other way back when).  The funny thing is, they both assume that the other is more -adjusted to adulthood than they really are.  But they figure out that they’re not meant to be, and that’s okay.


As always, you’re free to ask me for more detail and elaboration on any of these ideas! I’d be happy to!  🙂



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