A Crafty Week

Thought I’d make Piece of Caustic a little more bloggy by sharing some of the DIY projects I’ve done this week.  I pressed flowers, made candles, and propagated plants!  Complete with pics and links to directions.

After finishing my Lyric Wall a little earlier than expected, I decided to start some new crafts!

  1. Flower pressing for temporary floral tattoos!
    I plucked flowers from my garden (and secretly from my violin teacher’s, haha) and tucked them into my Dad’s old Radiation Oncology textbooks.  I did this because ever since I saw a tutorial on Temporary Tattoos from Real Dried Flowers I haven’t stopped mentally yelling.  It’s just…exactly my aesthetic.  I will definitely post the results of my “tattoo” once the flowers are ready!11913045_730443407078176_482103457_nFor the record: microwaving the flowers had some questionable results.
  2. Candle-making!
    Live the Fancy Life has a rather simple, easy-to-follow tutorial for reusing your leftover candle wax to make a new one!  I haven’t been burning a lot of candles this summer, but in anticipation of the cold months I layered wax from lemon, currant, and lavender-scented candles to fill this spectacular jar:
    11873945_730445330411317_526313840_nI still I need another layer to have a complete candle, but otherwise it’s looking good!  Candle wicks bought at Michaels.
  3. Propagating Spider Plants!
    I recently adopted two adorable ferns from my local grocery store so I decided to clone some friends for them.
    Propagation is probably one of the most fascinating things about plants, in my opinion.  Plants are hardcore.
    11872750_730443400411510_577496885_nAbove on my window sill are my spider plants!  Here is the tutorial I followed, which I appreciate because they called the cuttings “babies.”

And that’s what I did this week!

Bonus!  I also made a goal to listen to new music this week, so this is what I’ve been investigatin’ and lovin’:



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