Thank You for 100+ Followers!

Look what popped up in my notifications last week!


True, I’ve never cared about the follower count.  I can safely say that every post on here was written for me.  The posts here are not meant to fill a quota of likes or views — they are extremely random, eclectic, and personal.  But you, dear follower, already know that.  🙂

However, despite the private nature of my blogging, there have been times when my life was too clogged for writing, or I didn’t have motivation, or I thought my writing sucked.  During those times, your likes and comments (all precious to me) have always cheered me up.  Additionally, my followers always motivate me to cook up better ideas and rebuff my words.  So thank you, thank you, thank you! 

I’ve been blogging for about a year and a half now, and I am so happy with what I’ve gotten out of it.  The only thing that could elevate the experience is more interaction with all of you!  Yeah, it requires a lot more effort to reach out on my part, but you should never hesitate to leave me a comment, ask an out-of-the-blue question, or request something for me to write.  It’s happened a couple times before, and I’ve always felt surprised, touched, and utterly charmed!

❤ Love,



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