Monthly Me (August 2015)

Summer, you were so sweet and good to me! ūüė¶ ¬†I did a lot of college research this month, but I also rested and thought about flowers often.

Selections from my Camera Roll

Bits of Internal Monologue

  • It’s okay to be basic!
  • I would rob a greenhouse. ¬†All those quality flowers.







I mean, this chick flick isn’t terribly unique or profound, but I still feel like it low-key changed my life. ¬†Basically, I liked the girl power vibe and the female friendships. ¬†I want to adopt Cher’s no-shit-accepted¬†attitude towards boys, above all.


We Bare Bears

I’m enchanted by this¬†adorable, hilarious, and charming new Cartoon Network Show. ¬†Here is a video to get you started. ¬†My favorite episodes (in order): Food Truck, Chloe, Our Stuff, Jean Jacket, and Burrito.

Orange is the New Black.

I’m late to the trend, obviously, but this is a belated cry to anyone who still neglects to watch this show. ¬†A friend showed me its first episode many moons ago and now I’m finally marathoning it with my last few precious days of Netflix. ¬†I adore its storytelling method (particularly: its seamless and poignant¬†use of flashbacks). ¬†Not only is it good entertainment, but it is highly thought-provoking.


Have a happy September, readers!



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