Monthly Me (September 2015)

September comes with some sighs, of course, but I’m starting to recollect some of the pleasures of academia.  Nothing thrilling, obviously — but there’s something to be valued in checking off assignments in your agenda, discussing awesome literature, preparing for clubs you’re passionate about, tennis team shenanigans, and struggling with fellow classmates together.  September: you were OK!

Internal Monologue

  • “When they talked about Planned Parenthood during the GOP debate, I rolled my eyes so hard that my head moved.”
  • “I am prepared to lose my life at this concert.”
  • “I feel so full of heart emojis” (while thinking about Science Olympiad)




“Who even was I before Vessels??” me


TV Shows

My Netflix free trial expired (cutting me off of the end of the OITNB season finale!!), so it’s been a pretty uneventful month for me concerning as far as TV is concerned–especially since I’m actively avoiding Graceland and Sleepy Hollow (out of fear of pain and frustration, respectively).

However I’d like to say that the Brooklyn Nine-Nine season premier was simultaneously crap and gold.  Crap in that: the writing was a little sloppy and over-the-top ridiculous (even for a comedy show!).  But, still, gold because:

click for source

And of course I’m super looking forward to season 4 of Elementary (which is coming in November–so late!)

Still, only a fraction of my senior year has passed.  Soon, everything is going to be changing, and then — I’ll be starting a new life.  AH, the stress!!

Tell me how your September was!



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