Honest College Applications (#2)

Now, here’s an important application piece that doesn’t get as much hype as the essay or transcript…your activities list!

Why waste time and effort joining a bunch of clubs , when all you need to beef up your resume is a bit of creativity??  I’ll provide my activities list as an example.

Activity Type: Technology

Title: Professional Snapchatter

Craft “Snapsterpieces” with all colors that the drawing tool provides and a wide selection of emojis.  Skilled in using all filters and shorthand necessary to fit the caption within the character limit.  Update Story about every five minutes.  Proficient at popular Snapchat techniques such as: zooming into people’s faces to an uncomfortable degree, taking videos of friends without their consent, purposely making ugly faces, and using the caption bar to hide unflattering features.  See “Snapsterpiece” examples in the Supplement Arts Portfolio.

Activity Type: Art

Title: Painter

Medium: liquid eyeliner and eyelids.  Qualified for AP Eyeliner (“AP” indicates proficiency with waterproof formulas).  Now experimenting with gel eyeliner.

Activity Type: Music

Memorizing Lana del Rey lyrics

Most skilled in the songs “Blue Jeans,” “American,” and “Off to the Races.”  Sing songs loudly in the shower; quietly under my breath at night.  Think frequently of obscure Lana del Rey references (but I keep them to myself because none of my friends listen to Lana del Rey).

Activity Type: Sports

Title: Candy Crush Strategist

Level 1038 in Candy Crush.  Devote many hours a day to staring at the gameboard and choosing moves very slowly.  Meet a cast of colorful characters along the way.  Frequently rage-quits.  Proudly never purchased any powerups.  Also a competitor in Soda Crush.

Activity Type: Community Service

Title: Stuffed Animal caretaker

Admire cuteness of various stuffed animals, pet them frequently, pretend to feed. Designate complex and thoughtful names, such as “Chip” for a Webkinz chipmunk.  Take many photographs to show to friends, demanding, “Look how adorable my babies are!”.

Activity Type: Other


Cry about TV shows, TEDtalks, books, OTPs.  Tear up at the slightest emotional inconvenience, but also at overwhelming instances of happiness/goodness.  Participate  most frequently during the nighttime (and during the last four days of every month).

Activity Type: Other

Imagining myself making out with boys

 Very imaginative, very vivid.

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