Farewell to My Notebook

I still remember seeing you at Staples, intrigued by your leather cover.  I automatically placed you in my cart.


Since 2013, you’ve been filled with ramblings, painstakingly-crafted story plots, fanfiction, snippets of inspiration, journal entries, stream-of-consciousness, frustrated scribbles, existential contemplation, and probably much more.  You contain so many ideas…some of them might even be good.



“I wish I was less mean and knew what to say”

Here’s my new notebook, a gift I got for my birthday last year (the cover is so me that I still get thrills).  12272714_767145443407972_685705214_n

It is sturdier and more durable, thankfully, but don’t think for a second that I won’t be consulting you frequently for those late-night scrawls.  Not only are you a great record-keeper and time-capsule-of-sorts, but you’ve also been there for me when my head was too full to function — there whenever I tried to verbalize the inexplicable and encapsulate myself with language.  You’ll be cherished.




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