Monthly Me (Nov. 2015)

Not much to say about November.  In terms of college applications, I took it easy.  I did a lot of orchestra stuff, focused on school (my senioritis is growing at a concerning rate).

Selections from my Camera Roll

Snippets of Internal Monologue

  • “I am probably the least-adjusted person to ever fake it this well.”
  • *Maintains eye-contact, acts like a normal person* God, why is flirting so exhausting and hard???


Recently I’ve been hooked on my personalized Discover Weekly playlists from Spotify.  They’ve introduced me to really great guitar riffs and songs that feel like they were MADE for me.  And they only seem to be improving!

“When you were, when you were, when you were my waste of time.”

Oh, I’ll teach you what you need to know.”


“I imagine death so much it feels like a memory…

You.  Have.  To listen.  To Hamilton.


  • Idk??  Imagining myself in relationships with other people??
  • The intricate, multi-layered inside jokes/memes I share with my friends.


Elementary season 4 is just…👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀

elementary cooking

Thank you for reading this post about me and my obsessions.



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