My Year in Music

It’s the most important report of the year: the Spotify Year in Music review!

2015 was SO incredible, musically.  I discovered so many great artists and genres, many of which are now my absolute favorites.  So, with pride and embarrassment, here’s what Spotify reported:


Oh god.

Spotify_yim_en-US_qN1vbAYesss, I’m always pleased to see my favorite-bands-ever-trifecta rise to the top for, like, the third year in a row.  Two Door was also a given, so Panic! is the dark horse here.  Since they performed in my town, I listened to a ton of Panic! to get ready for the performance.  I warmed up to many songs that I had initially dismissed, especially from Vices and Virtues.

Spotify_yim_en-US_iqNwU0I HAVE SO MUCH LOVE FOR ALL THESE ALBUMS I CAN’T EVEN CONTAIN MYSELF WHEN I LOOK AT THIS PICTURE.  This is SO important to me because I “investigate” artists by consuming entire albums, not by skimming individual singles.  I could probably write separate blog posts on each of these, so I’ll just say this: This is the most prime stuff, and I recommend all of them.  I don’t even know who I am without X&Y and Vessel.


  • “Ode to Sleep” is one of the best songs ever written and a work of genius so I am not surprised.  Spotify wasn’t even counting all the times I mentally screamed this in my head.
  • I’m surprised at “Done With Love,” it certainly isn’t my favorite song, not even my favorite Zedd track (“Find You” is).  But it’s still quality.
  • “I Can’t Explain” is a surprise too, for the same reasons, but I remember how excited I was when Surfer Blood released it as the first single of its new album, which was really good.

Spotify_yim_en-US_QKBrB8The dual presence of indie and pop makes me ask myself, “Who knew I was so hipster?” and “Why am I so basic?” at the same time 😀 .  Indietronica is definitely the fault of CHVRCHES and Purity Ring.  Can someone please tell me what the fuck Permanent Wave is?  I’ve googled it and scratched my head over it, but it honestly seems like something Spotify made up by itself.

Overall, I think that the review reflects my taste accurately, though not completely.  I definitely think Lana del Rey should have appeared in here, as I am ready to drop her blazing fast-paced lyrics at any moment, like likes to watch me in the glassroom bathroom Chateau Marmont, slipping on a red dress putting on my makeup, glass film perfume cognac lilac FUMES (says it smells like heaven to him).  I also feel like I let down my girls Kesha and Regina Spektor.  But this under-representation is remedied somewhat by the really useful playlist that Spotify made me:

Who needs a boyfriend to make you mixtapes when Spotify does it better?

Some of the artists that I want to explore next year include, Franz Ferdinand, Hellogoodbye, George Ezra, and Bastille, just to name a few off the top of my head.  And I’m sure that something completely out-of-the-blue will fly at me and utterly take over my life.  I’m excited for it!

To see your own Spotify faves, as well as interesting worldwide trends and stats, click here. 



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