Monthly Me (Dec. ’15)

December had its gems and disappointments.  It definitely affirmed that senior year is the hardest, most stressful year.  But it reminded me that I have a lot of solid relationships with my friends, family, classmates, even teachers, to make everything a lil better.

Selections from my Camera Roll

Bits of Internal Monologue

  • I’m too dirty, too mean, too unpopular, too awkward, too ugly to have a boyfriend.
  • God…I am way too cute to be single.
  • That guy I just passed just called me “ma’am”…it was so crazy.
  • Hey boys, how does it feel to date girls who deserve way better than you?


Do you know, where the wild things go?

This is so weird but so singable and addicting at the same time.  The ending is particularly chilling.

Oh no, what if I never knew your name?  Oh my God, the thought’s insane.  What if your love is not the same as it seems inside my brain?

Such a sweet, sweet love song with an unconventional premise.  Magnifying a fleeting but powerful moment of doubt, backed up by swelling violin strings?  That’s my shit.  Their other single that I nearly love as much: Finding Something To Do.

So save that heart for me, ‘cuz girl you know that you’re my destiny (d-destiny)!

This man sings higher than me but I will strain my vocal cords for this beautiful love song.

Honorable mentions: “Greek Tragedy” by the Wombats (solid lyrics throughout and a breathtaking chorus), “Molecules” by Atlas Genius (a bit repetitive but there’s a really bangin’ EDM part near the end), and… “Sorry” by Justin Beiber.  Whoever orchestrates that boy’s backgrounds really knows how to sell garbage.

Favorite moments of December

  • The night before my birthday, my friend and I went to a townwide celebration.  It was wonderfully warm, festive, and tasty.
  • Sending anonymous candygrams to my friends, though it’s obvious that I sent them due to the highly weird messages I wrote.
  • When I sat next to a really nice boy in the library and he let me borrow his earbuds.
  • The two times I had the car this month.

Worst moments of December
(This is uncomfortable and embarrassing, but I think it’s important to not over-glamorize one’s life on social media).

  • After my birthday I had a totally random but very acute bout of self-loathing.
  • Totally unpleasant and overwhelming stress about my school newspaper
  • The deferral from my top-choice school.
  • The soul-sucking application for TWELVE SCHOOLS.

Best Tumblr Post of the Month, perhaps of All Time



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