New Year

Thanks to the last four months enslaved to college essays, it’s safe to say that I’m thoroughly sick of writing self-reflective shit.  So naturally this 2015 post will be primarily prospective, not retrospective.  Also, summarizing my year would be like summarizing my week on a Wednesday.  My life is determined by school years, not by successions of January Firsts.

If you want to look back on my year, though, here are some links.

Now, my 2016 and beyond Bucket List:


  • HAUL ASS and get good grades for that Midyear Report
  • Study like a MANIAC for Science Olympiad, organize the team well, and get into States.
  • Get a medal at Science Olympiad States!
  • Get money through scholarships
  • Make out with someone?  I will be very disappointed if I don’t kiss someone again by the time I graduate.
  • Solidify acquaintances
  • Have an awesome prom, but be accepting and chill if it’s not as great as last year.
  • Go to a lot of senior parties and throw a LOT of pool parties.
  • Dried.  Flower.  Tattoos.
  • Learn how to do basic house chores, and help Mom with them.
  • Visit a museum exhibit.
  • Play in the pit orchestra.
  • Read books for leisure outside of school — entertaining books and challenging books.
  • Update more on this blog.  I can’t promise more than weekly posts, but maybe I can post one pre-planned post a week, and write another more bloggy, spur-of-the-moment post whenever I can manage.
  • Also, keep this blog more organized.  The categories of this blog are atrocious, so expect better ones soon.
  • Be bold: at the end of the year, have no regrets that are due to timidity.
  • Say things you are afraid to say.
  • Get personal gifts for my favorite friends and teachers at the end of the school year.
  • Follow my heart in choosing which college to attend?
  • Do…well…at college?

Obviously, my next year will contain the first semester of COLLEGE, which is unthinkable, but college still feels so abstract and unreal to me.  So it is hard to think of concrete goals outside of my high school life, except for my wild and distant daydreams.


  • Have a son, Timothy James, and a daughter, Melissa Elizabeth.  Husband is preferable but optional.
  • Own a dog
  • Finish a large puzzle (like, 500 pieces).
  • Learn to scuba dive
  • Travel to Hawaii, Iceland, Vietnam, and a rainforest.
  • Eat fruit and vegetables from my own garden.  Not because I’m an organic or anti-GMO freak, but because plants are cool.
  • Donate blood.
  • Advocate for reproductive rights, family leave, equal pay, educational reform, alternative energy, environmental protection, police reform.
  • Be well-read in EVERYTHING.
  • Learn to play guitar and ukelele.
  • Go to concerts ALL THE TIME.
  • Support small local businesses
  • Publish a book
  • Donate my healthy organs to science/those in need and bury my body beneath a tree.

I’m excited for the upcoming months, but also, I don’t know.  Does anyone ever try to think about the future and can only suspect that they’ll die young?  Growing old just seems so fake to me, sometimes.



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