Monthly Me (Jan. 16)

First of the year!

I remember that I spent a lot of this month in low-key inner despair.  A little bit about change, a little bit about morality…also a little bit to boys and school, too.

But I also had some really nice things happen to me.  A fun Model UN, a handful of friend-hangouts, cool college interviewers.  But the definite cherry-on-top is my school’s victory at Science Olympiad yesterday.  I cannot overstate how much SciOly means to me: I’ll have reasons to be happy for a long time.




Too long ’til the weekend — too long ’til I drown in your hands


The district sleeps alone tonight after

the bars turn out their lights and send the autos swerving into

the loneliest evening.

I’m not a coffee-drinker, but I lost sleep just thinking of you.

So pour me a cup — I need to wake up — I need me some love!

Now give it to me!

Bits of Internal Monologue

  • *one bad thing happens* This is all because I’m an asshole.
  • It’s so hard flirting with nice boys.  At least if you’re talking to an asshole, you know they like you if they’re nice.  With a nice boy, you can’t tell “Does he actually like me or is he like this for everyone?”
  • I have so many McFeels(TM)
  • If he doesn’t ask me out soon I’m gonna accidentally call him “babe” casually.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine had some really good episodes lately

Best tumblr post of the month



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