Trying New Things

I’ve just finished my first week as a Second Semester Senior!  Nothing feels too different yet, but I’m pleased with myself for committing to exciting new things that are going to keep me busy and not-slothful.

  1. Pit Orchestra!hellodollylogosmall

I’m back in the pit for our upcoming school musical, Hello Dolly!  I’ve only
done pit, once, in middle school, for the Wizard of Oz.  My mom has forbade me from it since, because she hated driving me.  But now that I can drive, I took the liberty of signing myself up for high school pit for the first time.  We’ve only had one rehearsal so far but the music is both poppin’ and manageable (unlike the Wizard of Oz‘s).

2) Vietnam War Class!

A week before the semester ended, while casually chatting to a friend, I learned that there was a Vietnam War class open during my lunch period.  I tried to hold off, but couldn’t help myself; I immediately emailed my school counselor and asked to sign up for it.   

I’ve been interested in the Vietnam War since 8th grade (yes, partly due to Hetalia) and always wanted to take the class.  But, it’s only offered every-other year and is often canceled due to low enrollment.  Which I don’t understand: The Vietnam War is such a unique war in its modernity and broadcast to the public.  It’s the first time the US has ever lost, affecting the American psyche as a result.  And — maybe it’s insensitive of me to say, but — the story of the war is so dramatic and suspenseful with all its plot twists and ironies.  So, yeah, you can say that I’m into it.

Still, I questioned my decision because it was during my only lunch period and because of the teacher.  He is my old Psychology teacher, and though he’s good, we never bonded and I was always low-key intimidated by him.  I thought maybe he hated me.

20160207_040353707_iOSSo far: I aggressively love this class.  The first day, the teacher smiled at me and said “Nice to see you, Michele,” much to my shock.  And then he talked about his own interest in the war: he had studied it in college after hearing stories of his PTSD-afflicted uncle, and wrote his Masters thesis on early (like, WWII-early) US involvement in Vietnam.  He also made me realize that this is the first proper history class I’ve ever taken — one that focused on one topic, as college history classes do.  I was sold.

It’s just a very low-maintenance, relaxing, and thought-provoking Social Studies elective.  I’m glad I jumped into it head-first.

3) A Gym Membership

This…I’m still not sure how I feel about this.

I’ve never envisioned myself as a “going to the gym” type of person.  I’ve always thought that I’d maintain my figure through my various physical activities — tennis, the occasional swim.  I like to fancy that one day I’ll get into hiking.  Since I don’t play tennis anymore, I probably would have sat contentedly on my butt if my friend hadn’t gotten me a two-week pass to her women’s gym.

I don’t like exercise.  But when the gym called me announcing the surprise, I just sort of absorbed the news like: “…Alright.”  And when I visited the gym the next day to meet my trainer, I surprised myself with how easily I answered her questions, even though I hadn’t prepared myself to:

“What would you like to accomplish here?”

“I’m not really concerned about losing weight.  But, my muscles are kind of weak.  And I’ve noticed that I get winded easily.  So I think I’d like to work on that.”

“Weak in anything specific?”

“Like, I can’t do any pull-ups or push-ups.  Many,” I corrected, even though I can’t do any.

“So it seems like we should focus on endurance and upper-body-strength.”

I nodded, and suddenly, I had FITNESS GOALS.

I followed her around the facilities like a ghost, totally shocked by these sudden developments.  This sounds bad but, for the first time, I realized that I should work out.  Of course, I always knew that going to the gym is healthier than sitting in bed eating chips, but suddenly that SHOULD seemed a lot more demanding to me, a lot more convincing.  No longer the “should” of an annoying teacher or parent, but more like: “wow, you better actually do this.”

So yeah.  I’m going to become a regular gym-goer.  Three times a week, about an hour per visit.  At least, until I go to college.  I’ll probably be too busy studying to exercise so frequently at that point.  But it’s good to use this newfound free time now to learn how to use equipment, take care of myself, etc.  I’m just dreading the actual exercise portion of it.

Other new things I want to try:

  • Explore the city
  • Listen to more rap music
  • Publish on WordPress at least twice a week.

I’ll let you know how my new goals flesh out — particularly the third one!



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