Songs that Make You Want to Fall in Love

The playlist that no one asked for but, perhaps, one that we all secretly accumulate when we feed shuffled songs into our car radio through an AUX cord, driving and listening.  As we get lost in our ruminations and burrow into our thoughts, we’re suddenly very aware that certain tunes and lyrics are especially good at softening us — they make us want to spontaneously doll up and go to a coffee shop alone, in the hopes of meeting someone we can flirt with and then date.  For a long time.

No one asks for these songs because when one is single, safely insulated by solitude, nobody wants music to persuade them to become more sensitive, to pursue a red-cheeked ideal that we know is exaggerated and over-glamorized.  But I’ve enjoyed listening to these types of songs recently.  I think there’s value in being excessively sentimental.  We all need to defrost occassionally.

So here are some tunes that make me want to fall in love — not necessarily love songs but, more specifically, songs that celebrate human openness, vulnerability, and the cheesy delights of a relationship.  A few of them are highlighted and explained, too.

Warning: may make you feel bad about being single.

Super Bass :  as this tumblr post so accurately describes it, “Super Bass” is a “bright pink SCREAMING declaration of love” and encapsulates “zooming down the highway in your pink Aventador, driving and cackling as your man looks at you.”

Wherever You Are and Only Wanna Dance With You :  Kesha haters ain’t shit because, as these songs show, she can write heartfelt, sensitive, and tender songs when she feels like it, and sing them damn well.  Whether she wants to sing about partying instead and use auto-tune is her business. #FreedomForKesha

Baby It’s Fact and Countdown and You’ve Got the Love :  Shameless, proud, giddy proclamations of devotion.  I dig it.

Saber-tooth & Bone :  Surfer Blood is totally underrated and too unknown.  This song makes me want to build a cabin with my bare hands for my spouse and I; and meticulously decorate it.

Mamma Mia :  jumping head-first into the game even though it’s senseless and stupid — and you’ve been hurt before.  What’s more human and honest than that?

Have a nice Valentines Day!



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