Two Years of Blogging!

On February 17th, 2014, I posted for the very first time on this blog.

At first, my posting was very erratic.  Since the summer, I found my groove and have been posting weekly, for real.

I think I’ve finally found the right attitude to blogging: Quality is still a concern, of course, but I’ve released some self-consciousness that previously held me back.  That has allowed me to post more spur-of-the-moment, day-to-day content that I’m starting to like just as much as my careful deliberations.  Now the vibe is more relaxed and the flow is much better, I feel.   People are quick to say “quality over quantity,” but for the purposes of blogging, the opposite is true to a certain degree.

This blog is an important motivator for me.  I’ve noticed that my voice and development of ideas has improved as I maintain this blog.  Though I can’t see myself as a daily blogger, I hope to post more frequently and have this blog better represent my life.  I hope to talk freely on here, so that I may interact with you more.  The goal is that, after many blog anniversaries in the future, I’ll be able to scroll through old posts and know that I spoke my mind.




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