Monthly Me (Feb. ’16)

February was decent, and it’s ending on an upswing.  It just feels like everything in this month was performed with an underlayer, or sometimes an overlayer, of sadness.  Especially February break: I felt so lonely.

It’s the first month of Official Senioritis, but I feel like I’m working just as hard as before.  Just with less fear of failure.

I feel myself getting older in a lull of activity.  I’m getting a debit card and my own car soon.  That’s a nice feeling.  Then college decisions will be out, finally, and everything will be chaotic again.

Selections from my cameraroll


Snippets of Internal Monologue

  • The fanfic I’ve been reading isn’t that good.  That’s what I get for looking for M-rated one-shots.
  • I think being reincarnated into a plant would be quite a treat.
  • Like, isn’t it annoying when the person you like doesn’t like  you back immediately?
  • It’s just exhausting that I’m the one making all the moves.  I’m introverted by nature, so advances are hard for me.  Despite how effortless I make them seem.


So we’ll piss off the neighbors // in the place that feels the tears, the place to lose your fears // reckless behavior

A realll sexy tune.

Oh Penelope, where are you now?  I’m old enough to take you out.

This is my guilty pleasure of the month, and I read fanfiction.  I’ll let you look up the lyrics yourself.  The situation is so ridiculous and borderline creepy that it’s comical.  And…well, it’s an awesome and catchy-as-hell jam.


  • DJ Khaled’s snapchat stories
  • Loudly talking about Science Olympiad in Latin class
  • My physics teacher’s new Surface Pro
  • The jeme (jean meme) on tumblr


Over February break I watched a lot of HBO, mainly Last Week Tonight and Citizenfour.  Thanks to my recent Edward Snowden obsession, I have wanted to watch the documentary for a few weeks now.  It was great.  I didn’t understand all of it, and it had less of an effect on me because I already knew the story and what Edward Snowden is like.  How amazing is it, though, that they captured the planning of the leak — its inner machinations and conception?  That’s just so mind-blowing to me.

There were a lot of long silences.  And a full five-minute scene of Ed with his contacts and gelling his hair.  It felt so gratuitous, honestly.  Not over it.  Edward Snowden is so smart and articulate ❤


Elementary has been really, really good lately.  Not just in its interesting cases, but in the gradual development of both Sherlock and Joan.  Awesome, quality stuff.

I’m also strangely tolerant of Jane the Virgin’s twists and turns recently.  AND I’M A BIG FAN OF THIS WEEK’S DEVELOPMENTS, AHHHHH! ❤

The best video of the month, possibly of all time

Here’s to a great March!



2 thoughts on “Monthly Me (Feb. ’16)

  1. Shalom 🎇 says:

    okay so some things:
    1. i adore this series. especially the selections from your camera roll. i really appreciate you sharing lil’ pieces of your life with us, and i bet the rest of the bottomless void of the internet does too.
    2. everybody knows that R-rated one shots are the only way to go. duh. (jk. thank you for not making me feel like a total tool for reading fanfic! you’re awesome.)

    thanks for existing. xo

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