Jane the Virgin Review: Chapter 35

As the Latin Lover narrator says, “Let’s get started, shall we?”


This episode had a theme of insecurity, highlighted through the motif and repeated phrase “second-class citizen.”  Namely, Rogelio and Petra use the term to express their fear of being sidelined (by Jane for her mom, and by Rogelio for Jane, respectively), but the insecurity also extends to Rafael (“I don’t want to be replaced.”)  I think that this is a great theme to explore as it gives us more insight into some background characters and captures realistic human feelings.  There was also a visual motif of a “bubble,” you know, the one that forms around you when you’re in a happy place.

The Ship Sails

I know I’m biased, and I know other people have the opposite opinion, but I think Jane and Michael’s rekindled chemistry is convincing and adorable.

Just wow.  And the writers do a good job of throwing in a lot of little details about their affection, like little inside jokes that remind us how long they have loved each other.

Women Getting Shit Done

My fave part of this episode was how efficiently and directly Jane told Rafael like it is.  I annoyed my friend who was watching with me with my repeated “Yes girl!”s.  Not only does she tell Rafael about Michael almost immediately, but she is straightforward and persistent in finding solutions and not letting the matter drop.  A worse TV show might have this process stretch over for episodes, with a shy a wishwashy protagonist, but Jane presents a good model of how adults should act in the real world.  The girl doesn’t even give Rafael a warm-up to her stone-cold news drop.  Now that’s what I call getting shit done.

Petra is sooo smart.  She is just so so smart.  A worse show would have her get caught up in his ~hotness~ and create a clearly unnecessarily complicated sweaty mess.  Petra deserves better, and she knows it.



Hahaa finally Rafael gets some backlash for yapping about Jane all the time in front of Petra.  This scene does nicely to define the two women and make their pregnancy experiences distinct.

Nearly every word Rafael said in this episode made me cringe. “No.  Anyone but him.”  Sweetie, no one is good enough for Jane in your eyes.   You think you have a claim over her.  “He punched me in the face.”  I know this was supposed to be serious but it just made me laugh because of how petulant it sounded.  Jane’s rebuttal about how Petra is 1000% worse was on point.

I actually felt a little bad for Rafael when he finally admitted “I don’t want to be replaced.”  When he addresses the core of his feelings and sheds his arrogance and excuses, he’s actually a moving character with very real feelings. Props to Justin Baldoni.

Funniest scene

I laughed so hard at this.  THE BROMANCE IS COMPLETE.  


Unfortunately, Louisa has fallen off the wagon.  I’m coddled by Elementary, which portrays addiction in the most responsible of ways, so I’m not in love with how they’re going about this.   But it’s not awful.

I didn’t feel too emotional about Rose’s death, partly because I believe it’s faked and partly because I never really shipped Rose and Louisa.  It’s manipulative and not a good ship.


  • Glad Michael was willing to apologize to Raf, but I thought it was dumb that Jane had to write his apology speech for him.  It throws a shade of insincerity over him.

Other Notes

  • I 100% support the idea that bullshit breakups are…well, bullshit.  Rogelio and Xiomara this ep portrayed that perfectly.  If you’re going to break up with someone, don’t half-ass it, folks.
  • Very very very very concerned for Rogelio.
  • I actually support Rafael becoming sexually active again and I don’t think he’s a jerk to do so (#AboutTime)
  • Despite his fatherly nature and his repeated saying so, I’m not convinced that he will treat Petra’s kids as equally as he dotes on Mateo.  I think the show will make him an fair and loving father, because he’s one of the protagonists, but the writers recently have been doing a crappy job of making Rafael seem to give much thought for Petra and her kids.

I’ll be posting the review for Chapter 36 soon!




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