College Update

So, I’ve heard back from all my colleges over break, and I’m excited to tell you where I’ve gotten in!

*deep breath*

I was waitlisted at the UChicago and Columbia University.  I was accepted into the University of Rochester, Cornell University (Agriculture Life Sciences), and the University of Pennsylvania (Arts and Sciences)!

LOVE penn

A statue at UPenn

I applied to twelve schools and didn’t get acceptances until, like, last Tuesday, so it was a pretty tense time for my family.  I am SO STOKED I got into Penn.  I’ve been keeping my crush on it secret, but when I visited it in June I was honestly smitten.  Best of all, I was clued into my acceptance the morning of the 31st when the Kelly Writers House (the awesome Penn creative writing community) emailed me with their best wishes.

Honestly.  How is my life real.  How did a writing institution that I so admire give a damn about  the sample I submitted?  I’m like crying.

I’ll talk some more about Penn after the admitted student days next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  I’m so so so excited to reunite with it.  There’s just a vibe there.  After I visit I’ll most likely commit.  I don’t care much for the UChicago waitlist anymore, but if I happen to get off the Columbia waitlist, that’ll be a tough decision for me.  But that’s a long ways away!

I am excited to tell you the news, especially since I kind of outlined my college stress with my Honest College Applications series.  I look forward to updating the series with my thoughts on roommates, visits, and…well, I’m not sure what else.  I guess that’s the exciting part about all this!



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