Spring Break Summary

A quick list of my adventures during my spring break!

  • Friday: Jane the Virgin with Kells and mall with the Squad.
  • Saturday: Final meeting with my Science Olympiad middle school protegees, preparing them for States.  Searched through a thousand dress options on Rent the Runway and found this beauty:20160403_214445000_iOS
  • Sunday: Catching up with my Cornellian friend at an Italian restaurant I’ve never been.  Did some Physics.20160327_183256000_iOS
  • Monday: Watched Elementary.   Worked on a short story I’ve been neglecting for weeks.  I had a school literary magazine deadline coming up!  The story is experimental and weird and is about a girl who literally, metaphorically, loses her heart, literally.  But metaphorically.From this peak of happiness, Miranda’s heart leaped.  Fluttering frantically until this last second of anticipation, it detached from its veins and arteries and leapt up her throat.  When the kiss ended and they separated, the heart tumbled past her teeth through her parted lips, rolled down her chin, and softly thudded onto the ground. She sighed blissfully, unaware of this, but Jake blinked, thinking that he saw a ruddy flash of something.  He looked around but failed to locate it within the grass.  And anyway, her cheeks were glowing this cute dark-pink color, and he didn’t have to ask whether this was her first kiss.  Even amid her flushing, she coyly smiled at him, and he forgot all about the thing—whatever it was—that he might have seen. No matter—it wasn’t his for the taking. 
  • Tuesday: Got into the University of Rochester!  Went to Kelly’s house for Jane the Virgin.
  • Wednesday: Went ice skating with the Gang!  Had an awesome time driving everyone around and going to both the Wendy’s and McDonald’s drive thrus!
  • Thursday: Ate at Chipotle with Kay.  Really good, long overdue conversations.  My parents didn’t know I was driving her so I did a few grocery errands with her accompaniment.  Failed at adult-ing while doing so.20160331_184853000_iOS
  • Also Thursday: GOT INTO MORE COLLEGES!!!
  • Friday: Finished literary magazine submissions.  Had an awesome party at Mary Ann’s house for like five hours!  She had an awesome blanket fort and SO MUCH FOOD.
  • 9781435158962_p0_v1_s1200x630Saturday: Discussed writing with an old friend.  Worked out at a gym, bought a Robert Frost poem book from Barnes and Noble, and serendipitously found a Girl Scout Cookie Drive!
  • Studying for Physics, orchestra rehearsal, and a free up-do and manicure from a spa!20160404_001833000_iOS



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