First Con Ever!

Yesterday I went to an anime convention for the first time.  I’m not a huge fan of anime, so I went as Trixie Tang from the show Fairly Odd Parents.

My cosplay was laughably simple and inaccurate, but people somehow still recognized me!  This is my favorite picture out of the whole convention.


I was so shy to ask them for a picture but they were so nice and complimentary.

I think the coolest part was the vendor’s area, where they sold overpriced merchandise and local artists’ fanwork.  I didn’t buy much fan-related things, but obsessed over buttons/magnets with typical Tumblr quotes.  “My daughter is the meme trash,” said the lady managing the booth. “She said that I should include these.”


We saw Todd Haberkorn and other voice actors at a panel.  He walked within five feet of me, as if he’s just a regular person!!!  We also spent a significant amount of time in the gaming room where we played Rock Band.  I sang “Nine in the Afternoon.”

Overall, it was a great experience.




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