Monthly Me (April ’16)

Oh April — you were filled with college elation, orchestra rehearsals, and school stress.  Missing school, even just a couple days, is so disorienting, and APs are too soon.  But I can’t bring myself to care that much.

Camera Roll

General Life Updates

  • Committed to the University of Pennsylvania
  • Changed my tumblr username to
  • I’m a full-time driver now!  Life quality has skyrocketed like 100%


  • Miitomo
  • The UPenn class of 2020 Facebook page
  • 20160419_041921000_iOS
  • Social media of the Jane the Virgin cast.
  • Newly-attained Snapchat features.



Can you tell that I finally watched Pitch Perfect 2?  And of course Beyonce’s new album LEMONADE of which my favorites are “Sorry,” “Hold Up,” and “Hurt Yourself.”


And I wonder…are you out there…thinking of me?

How can such an upbeat song be so sad?

This is an immaculate jam.  That’s all.

Snippets of Internal Monologue

  • “It’s only my fault if I get upset.  I imagined our potential relationship too hard.”
  • “I have UPenn withdrawal”


I’ll have to say Brooklyn Nine-Nine wins my heart this month, but the sentiment comes mostly from the season finale.  I know B99’s genre focuses on short funny stories instead of overarching themes, but the last few episodes of the season devoted itself to an actual extended storyline.  Which I appreciated.

BUT I could not forgive myself if I didn’t talk about Elementary.  I’m really LOVIN’ the attention given to Joan lately.  Not so much the long-lost sibling trope, but the peek into her Chinese-American identity overall.

And Lucy Liu is directing again, resulting in some meaningfully-framed scenes such as this.



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