Post-AP Life!

Time to live large!

Hi guys, sorry for not posting very much recently.  Last week hit me with a slew of Advanced Placement tests (that, frankly, I didn’t study enough for). But now I am free from the bonds of standardized testing (bonds that I will one day crush).  Here are my fantasies for my life as a free woman.20160501_160221000_iOS

  1. Read all these books I got at a library sale!
  2. Plant a shit-ton of flowers and herbs. Propagate plants!
  3. Press flowers
  4. Apply for jobs (?)
  5. Apply to scholarships
  6. Waste. A lot. Of time on YouTube.
  7. Catch up on We Bare Bears, Fresh off the Boat, and Game of Thrones!
  8. Follow back people on Tumblr
  9. Journal!
  10. Listen to new music
  11. Casual hangouts with friends after school.
  12. Skip school
  13. Help out the school’s literary magazine and set a good foundation for next year’s leadership
  14. Sleep earlier.

You can also expect more WordPress action from me!  I’ve been very “bloggy” recently, but I miss posting more insightful and analytical stuff.  I’ll do my best to keep things interesting!



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