Monthly Me (May ’16)

May was split into two profoundly different eras: the pre-Advanced Placement era, where I basically stayed after school every day to do a practice Physics test and Toil, overall.  Then prom night marked a transition to the post-AP era: basically, the glorious age of not giving a shit.

General Life Updates

  • Committed to the Molecular Life Sciences UPenn program

Some of my Internal Monologue

  • No, I don’t want a summer fling.  I just want to hit him up and, like, make out with him once.  Maybe twice.  Maybe…
  • I know it’s selfish of me, but…


  • Prom
  • Bruegger’s Bagels
  • Budgeting Miitomo money and failing to maintain that budget
  • Taking everything personally
  • Dat Boi
  • (Trying to) break up my friend’s unhealthy relationship


Hello, hello — c-can you hear me?

OK so probably NO ONE bet against this, but this month I became obsessed with Lana del Rey again.  But this time I had it worse than usual.  I re-listened to the entirety of Born to Die (Bonus Track Version) and realized that it’s actually one of the most fire albums that has ever graced us mere mortals with its existence.  I fixated on this track in particular, because it gives me the feels.

Like, every other day I remember that “Dead Inside” is a great song, and every other day I scour YouTube for some worthy covers and live performances.  I discovered this oldie of Muse’s from this cool cover.  Though admittedly it’s not half as hardcore as the original is.


Do you know what Post-AP life means?  Watching.  Movies.  Basically, the teachers have no more curriculum that we’ll take tests for, so we often watch relevant films to pass the time.  For AP Gov, we pick up references to government from the Star Wars prequels.  For AP Econ, we watch The Big Short and close the door to muffle the f-bombs.  All films I enjoyed.

However, none of those movies even compare to the film we watched in AP Stat.  The Shawshank Redemption knocked my fucking socks off.  theshawshankredemption

I’m so uncultured when it comes to movies.  So I don’t understand why I barely watch them when, clearly, the good ones are so effective at evoking emotions in me.  I’m pretty sure that my teacher saw me tearing up at the end.  Even though it’s a happy ending!  I think that’s what really got me–stories nowadays are so often cynical, but this was infused with hope.  The friendship was so touching, too.

As a sidenote, my friend and I also watched Trainwreck together on prom night.  I genuinely enjoyed it, but I’m so clueless about comedy that I honestly can’t judge whether it was a quality movie or not.  All I have to say is that our attitudes started from : “Bill Hader is the love interest?  He’s not that attractive.” to “I. LOVE.  BILL.  HADER.


Since my last post, I’ve seen the season finales for both Elementary and Jane the Virgin, and I don’t feel like talking about either of them.

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5 thoughts on “Monthly Me (May ’16)

  1. oceanoffear says:

    I love how you described it as “the glorious age of not giving a shit”. That will be me next week!

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