My YouTube Faves

I mention YouTube very rarely, even though keeping up with my subscriptions actually eats up a notable portion of my freetime.  YouTube’s not as organic as it once was; it suffers from too many trends and bandwagons. But I still find it an entertaining and, more recently, thought-provoking site.

Of course I adore the giants like nigahiga, iiSuperwomanii, and TED, but I’ll try to shed more light on lesser-known channels that deserve more views!


David So Comedy: His channel hosts a vulgar, honest, offensive, poignant cocktail of humor.  It took me a while to warm up to this profane jokester, but now I deeply admire him as a comedian, musician, and all-around hard-working person.  His vlog series “Living Out Loud” demonstrates his MAD foodie skills and his goal to go out and actively/aggressively live life.  I love his rants the most, especially those on racist incidents, but I will reserve the praise for a separate blog post.

nigahiga: of course we’re past the Ryan Higa glory days, yet I still find unexpected joy in his new dynamic, most prominently featured on his side channel HigaTV.  Ryan Higa has a hilarious motley crew and I LOVE their dynamic.  My favorite “series” to watch are Teehee Time, Cooking But Not Really, and Spyfall.macdoesit

macdoesit: One of my newer subscriptions.  Bite-sized morsels of crazed hilarity polished with a solid, consistent format.  The faces and exclamations he makes just kill me.  Sassy and cynical, I somehow enjoy his self-professed thirst for fame.

: With internet discourse more polarizing and high-strung than ever, it’s important to develop well-researched and nuanced opinions.  the1janitor always emphasizes the need for invigorating discussion and open-mindedness.  He finds cracks in political correctness, SJWs, and even mainstream feminism.  That being said, he has no patience for bigots and biases.  I usually appreciate his take on social issues, and I also frequently disagree with him — but he would encourage that sort of thing.

Claudia Boleyn: Claudia is more “SJW” than the1janitor, and she delivers her opinions with compassion and experience as a bisexual and biracial woman.  She’s an active reviewer of various fandoms, but she’s recently posting more about social justice exclusively.  I often laugh aloud at her shady comebacks and snippy sarcasm.  She’s outspoken in feminism and LGBT issues, but I learned the most from her disclosure about mental illness.  She bravely documents her mental health experience, even her lows, which really opened my eyes to that widespread, but muffled, struggle. My only complaint is that he doesn’t post often enough!  I get so excited when I see Michael pop up in my subscriptions, because not only are his videos fascinating, thorough, and tangential, but also because he always manages to wrap it up in a heartwarming and inspiring message about humanity or some shit.

TEDtalks: quite a mainstream “nerd” thing, but GOD I love them.  I’ll make a separate post later about my faves.

vlogbrothers: These two talk about everything, and I often feel (silly) delight watching them, as if I’m privy to a private casual chat between brothers about things that interest them.  (Hank and John, I’d love to have a long coffee meeting with either of you.  Seriously.)  A lot of their “Nerdfighter” stuff goes way over my head, but I thoroughly enjoy their efforts for education, compassion, and fun.  Like Vsauce, they always tie up their simple homemade videos with an optimistic message about life, which I always like.

Beauty & Lifestyle Julie is a Canadian YouTuber who reviews products that I can’t afford, but I learn the most from her as a frank transgender woman.  She goes into depth and detail about her male-to-female transition.  Let’s just say there were like, a dozen aspects of the process that I had no idea about.  Though she’s not the most eloquent YouTuber out there, her (literal) scars are outspoken enough.

from head to toe: An adorable designer/make-up artist with more practical tutorials than most of the internet glamour world, but her neat and polished looks flourish effortlessly.  She also recently had a baby girl, and I (an eighteen-year-old virgin) watched all her pregnancy vlogs with bated breath.  They’re just interesting, okay?  Also, her pregnancy announcement video gets me a little teary every time.

Michelle Phan: Well of course Michelle fucking Phan’s on this list.  She has leveled-up considerably since YouTube’s early days, and she now has a wider and super legit scope.  I like her Trend Reports (and recommendations of more affordable makeup).  Her voice is still relaxing.

…Eye Candy

Okay so…I could’ve gotten away with storing these two under humor, but I just decided to call them what they are.  This genre of YouTube is the nutritional equivalent of snack food.

Andrew Quo: semi-funny, semi-attractive Canadian guy.  He has pretty funny collabs with his friends, which is rare for me (I usually hate collabs).  He also has v v good messages about consent and safe sex, which is rare for internet males in general.

Jeffrey Fever: a down-to-earth, clueless young adult trying to make it in the YouTube world.  Frank about his single status and his sensitive/kinda feminine side.  His videos also often features his funny dad, which fills the kevjumba-shaped hole in my heart (see below).

RIP Faves

These are old flames whom I would watch religiously in my middle school days; but now they are basically inactive/absent from YouTube.  It’s like reading an abandoned fanfic, I guess, but there are gems within these channels that are worth digging for.

charlieissocoollikecharlieissocoollike: God, I remember my huge crush on Charlie.  He has come a long way from his long-hair-beanie-hat to red hair to purple skin to hipster glasses and grown-up endeavors.  My friend even got me his silly music album for my 14th (?) birthday.  Charlie is adorable and delightful.

Kevjumba: Man, now that I think about it, this guy basically introduced me to deadpan humor, which is like a big thing for me.  I have no idea what he’s doing now, but I hope he’s having fun.

Well, thanks for looking through my favorite YouTubers.  Let me know if you like these guys too, or tell me your favorite YouTubers/vloggers and I’ll probably check them out!



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