Summer Lists

I didn’t give wind of this, but in the first couple weeks after my vacation, I felt rather insecure and lonely.  Recently I am feeling much better, however.  I think it’s because I’m finally pursuing stuff that I wanna do.  In summer it is too easy to let entire days go down the drain by laying around and scrolling through bottomless pits of social media.  I sure am guilty of that.

Not too long ago I watched and loved the movie How to Be Single.  The most profound message, for me, was the lesson to chase after goals that you’ve always wanted to do, instead of finding excuses to delay action.  You should accomplish those dreams for a sense of satisfaction from yourself, rather than depending on others for that warm happy feeling.

So lately, I’ve been doing stuff.  You don’t have to be jealous: barely any of it is “productive” and a lot of it is actually frivolous.  But they’re active pursuits, and I like them.  So that’s all that matters for now.  

  • Listened to new music
  • Read a book.  (Titled Remembering Heaven’s Face.  Will review later)20160726_174629506_iOS
  • Learning ukulele.  (Borrowed from my neighbor and starting with “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You”
  • Learning python through Codecademy
  • Dyed my hair purple (my natural hair is black so it’s barely noticeable, but looks cool in sunlight)
  • Watched new movies in theaters (which I never do!  Included Finding Dory and Nerve)
  • Went out to lunch with friends frequently
  • Drove solo with the windows down and the music too loud (my new joy in life)
  • Watched an outdoor movie for the first time (Inside Out)
  • Help my parents with chores
  • Tended new plants!
  • Caught up with Orange is the New Black and Game of Thrones
  • Edited my blog’s HTML code
  • Found volunteering and shadowing opportunities

And, of course, I’ve been consistently blogging three times a week, which is a big deal for me!  Considering that I was barely able to post once a week during the school week.  I hope you guys have been enjoying the content.

To keep me motivated in August, for the rest of my pre-college life, I wrote up an incomplete bucket list ’til the end of the summer:

  • Plan out dorm furniture/decorations
  • Send my Latin teacher the most prime pics of my vacation
  • Read another book
  • Pool parties for dayyys
  • Clean out room for move-out
  • Take walks in the woods
  • Write a How to Run a Science Olympiad Team guide for next year’s club leadership
  • Send my Latin teacher the most prime pics of my vacation
  • Actually write an original story, dammit!  Also: develop novel idea.



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