Postcards from Far Away

Just a quick post because I realized that I never posted the souvenirs I got from Italy/Greece/Turkey!


20160815_002549068_iOSThey’re mostly postcards.  Normally I would think that’s lame, but now that I have a cheesy Wall of Stuff, they’re perfect mementos that I can use to decorate my future college dorm!  From top to bottom, left to right: Florence Ponte Vecchio, Florence panorama, Florence panorama again, a hella cheap booklet of great Ephesus postcards, another Florence one, and the exterior of the Pantheon.  My personal favorite of these is the last one.  I also adore watercolors, which is why I got so many of Florence.

Aside from these I also got a little figurine of a house from Santorini (I couldn’t find it), and a gimmicky-AF “””historical””” coin from Mykonos, I think.

Anyway, there you have it.  I can’t wait to use these to decorate my room(s), what lovely memories!

Title inspiration:



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