Into the Woods

Hey guys, just want to let you know that I’ll be less active and responsive on WordPress for the upcoming weeks.  That’s because I’m officially starting college!

Normal move-on day is the 25th.  But since I’m doing a pre-orientation program, I’m scheduled for the 21st.  Because of the 5+ hour drive, I’m leaving on the 20th.

My pre-orientation program involves camping and hiking in the Poconos, along the Appalachian trail.  We won’t bathe or use electronic devices (woo no Internet! ((sarcasm))).  I’ve never been camping before, not even glamping, so I really will be getting right into the woods, as it were.  But I like trees and animals, so I’ll be okay.

After that trip, I’ll be busy with New Student Orientation.  I signed up to learn about student publications and attend a walking tour of West Philly.

As you may have noticed, I’ve been posting three times a week pretty consistently this summer, and it has made me ridiculously happy.  I got to really log my thoughts and, more importantly, befriend a lot of you guys!  Even though my posting rate will decrease, I hope to God that I can continue that interaction.  Though college life is gonna be crazy, I hope to pre-write and schedule a lot of posts so that I can still update at least twice a week.

Well.  Wish me luck, everyone.  Any tips for a nervous, excited teen?



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