Monthly Me (Sept. ’16)


Best of my Camera Roll

General Life Updates

  • First music festival!
  • I discovered casual makeout culture and honestly, what a blessing
  • I saw the band CHVRCHES in concert!
  • I explored these places in Philadelphia/Pennsylvania:
    • Franklin Institute
    • Natural Science museum
    • Ben Franklin parkway
    • Rittenhouse Square
    • Valley Forge
    • Kimmel Center

Snippets of Internal Monologue

  • I am always ready for two things.  I’m always ready to fight and I’m always ready to dance.
  • I’ve seen more male sensitivity in two weeks than I have in my entire life.
  • I was meant to be here.


  • Reading the Daily Pennsylvanian
  • Taking snapchats with my dorky RA
  • Penn bois



Basically, essentials to my “thirst playlist.”

“Sweet Dreams, TN” — The Last Shadow Puppets

You’re the first day of spring, with a septum piercing.  

I’ve really warmed up to The Last Shadow Puppets even after accusing Alex Turner of cheating on the Arctic Monkeys with Miles Kane.  This is the best of Alex creating pure poetry with his fuckboy thirst.

“Starving” — Hailee Steinfeld

I didn’t know that I was starving ’til I tasted you


Chance the Rapper

I have a lot to thank Chance the Rapper for, and I also just love his lyrics and themes.  Which include: Chicago, religion, and his grandma.

Top Three Chance Faves:

  • “Summer Friends” I would mow some lawns, fold my ones like a lawn chair, huh huh!
  • “Angels” This what it sounds like when God split an atom with me.
  • “Sunday Candy” Gotta move it slowly, take and eat my body like it’s holy…


First episode of Brooklyn Nine Nine’s season 4 was actually one of the best season premiers I’ve ever seen and I’m gonna have weekly watching parties with my college friends!!!

Too-Relevant Tumblr Posts

Tell me how your month was!  Happy October!



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