Dorm Tour

I’ve been living in my new college dorm for over a month now, it’s about time I show you guys around!20161015_151231854_ios

If it weren’t for the lack of AC, this would probably one of the most sought-after dorms on campus!  So much area, natural light, and closet-space.

Every morning I’m greeted by the sound of construction work.  Beginning on Thursday, we’re also treated to a birds-eye view of drunk, happy people wandering the sidewalks.


Featured: my Surface Pro 4, textbook stand, whiteboard, and favorite travel postcards/programs/photos from high school.


Purple sheets, handmade pillow from a friend, and a Chinese panel screen in postcard form.

It’s pretty eclectic and simple, but it has really started to feel like home 🙂



One thought on “Dorm Tour

  1. To Z says:

    As someone come from China, this really doesn’t look like a dorm for me! You gotta search “college dorm in China”, hahaha

    Very cozy place, by the way 🙂

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