Monthly Me (Oct ’16)

Happy Halloween, and here’s my monthly round-up!

October was mostly positive.  After a mind-blowingly amazing Fall Break, I had the shittiest week of academics ever, but the storm has since blown over.  I often don’t do as well as I should, but I’m still being kind to myself.  I treat myself to tasty drinks.  I sleep and shower even if I “don’t have time.”  I once spent a few hours just making apple cider donuts.  It felt so therapeutic.

The biggest distinction from last month is that I’m forming routines and close groups.  Though I still don’t have enough friends from outside my dorm, I’ve gotten really tight with certain groups, like my Bio Buddies and B99 Watching Party (both Facebook groupchat names), thanks to weekly rituals.

Life Updates

  • During Fall Break, I camped out on the streets of New York with a high school friend for SNL standby tickets.  For 34 hours.  LIN MANUEL MIRANDA VISITED US IN LINE AND BOUGHT US PIZZA.  We were tenth on the waitlist for the dress rehearsal.  So, we saw LMM and Twenty One Pilots alongside the SNL greats.  To date, it is the craziest thing I’ve ever done.
  • Now writing for the Daily Pennsylvanian’s News department!
  • The next week, I saw my parents for the first time since I’ve moved on.  I was reluctant and repulsed at first, but by the end of the weekend we parted rather sweetly.
  • Upgraded to an iPhone 5!  It feels so luxurious.
  • I saw Hillary Clinton at a rally!
  • This month I’ve discovered a lounge on the first floor of my dorm called the Blue Lounge.  It’s noisy, with a piano and immature conversation and some people I’m dying to befriend.  I started growing roots there.
  • I nearly pulled an all-nighter with some new friends from said Blue Lounge.  It was the same day as the Harry Potter festival at Chestnut Hill and the Hillary rally.  Collectively, it was one of the best days of my life.


I found my island, I’ve been on it this whole time — I’m home!

While waiting for SNL, my friend showed me Lin Manuel Miranda’s first and forgotten masterpiece, In the Heights.  Even without most of the dialogue and plot, I shed a tear during the finale.  Not only is the music groovy, but the story is so personal and powerful.  It’s about our legacies!  It’s about family!  It’s about home!  I love In the Heights.  

My favorite songs (in order): 1) Carnaval del Barrio, 2) Finale, 3) Champagne

I also listened to Two Door Cinema’s new album, Gameshow, in preparation for their concert next month.  It’s my least favorite of theirs so far, but I still really like songs “Invincible,” “Fever,” and “Bad Decisions.”


What can I say…forever a fave.

In other news, Elementary and Jane the Virgin started up again, too!  I’m behind on both, but Jane the Virgin’s premier was very good.

I also forced myself to catch up on three seasons of New Girl, just because of its crossover with B99.  It’s safe to say I have some issues.

Internal Monologue

  • The sun is shining, schoolwork is jiving, and my snap streaks are thriving.
  • (When dressing up as a Snapchat dog for Halloween) “This is the best thing I’ve ever done.”
  • I’m a hoe for compliments and validation.


I chose to do a book report on The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable by Nassim Taleb.  I was expecting a dry read but it is actually insanely well-written. And insanely inspirational and motivating.  I mean — “Missing a train is only painful if you run after it.”  Damn.

Relevant Tumblr Posts

Next month, I’d like to exercise more and refocus on school.  Now that my club stuff and social life is established, I have fewer excuses not to do so.  I also must write.  I will not be fully satisfied until I am writing, really writing, again.  I’m also craving a small group, outside my dorm, to be a part of.  I’m still missing that kind of dynamic in my life.

Also, I feel like something very special is about to happen to me.  I’ll keep you posted if it does.



2 thoughts on “Monthly Me (Oct ’16)

  1. Shalom says:

    GIRL heights is honestly my fave – it’s one of the first musicals i listened to and i ADORE it. also. you’re in pennsylvania. i’m gonna be in western maryland soon. i smell a meetup.

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