An Introvert at a Frat Party

During lunch with my friends and RA one day, I was telling stories of a party I went to that weekend.  My RA said, “I’m surprised that you’re into that kind of fun.”solocupmodern-crop-article250-medium

I asked jokingly, “Is it because I’m nerdy and soft-spoken?”

“Yes,” he said, a bit too seriously.

Since starting college, I’ve been going out almost weekly.  As a girl who did not go to a single party and never took a single sip of alcohol during high school, this surprises me, too.  But I’m beginning to rationalize this apparent contradiction.

Reason One:  I fucking love music.  I’m a hoe for dance/EDM music, and — more recently — I’m realizing that I love dancing (badly) to it, too.

I’m pretty sure that the handful of innocent live concerts I’ve attended during high school was a gateway drug to this kind of craving.  At a concert, a critical part is the atmosphere of the crowd — of people being so hype and so happy about something you also love.  So in my mind, a frat party is like a lesser version of a live concert.  No rockstar present, obviously, but when a song comes on that everyone knows the words to, the hype is nearly at that level.

Though I won’t turn down a tasty mixed drink, alcohol is really not the main appeal for me at a party.  Though, I thoroughly enjoy using other drunk people as an excuse to act more wildly.  Plainly, I like pretending to be drunk more than I like to actually be drunk.

It’s kind of weird that a dork who struggles to make small talk at a dinner party frickin’ loves getting lit in sweaty, crowded rooms.  I can’t really explain it, except that I enjoy absorbing energetic environments, even if I’m not contributing much to the energy myself.  Still, I am the way I am, and I do get tired after a while.  I’m not a “party all night” type of gal, maybe a “party for two hours” type.  Once I do reach my limit, I’m quite impatient to run back to my dorm and jump under the covers.  And, as a Proud Introvert who fraternizes with fellow socially-resentful people, it’s kind of hard to find friends of the same parties-hard-but-woah-not-that-hard preference.  But I’m working on it.

Reason Two: getting with guys is easier at frats.  Less conversation needed.

This other  post about parties is, hilariously, very different



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