Monthly Me (Nov ’16)

NOVEMBER :  though October was the hardest for me academically, November was the most emotionally-challenging month yet.  I had a hard time dealing with the uncertainty of current events and my future (lol what is a major/career?)  But I spent time with good people and beautiful places, gradually restoring my life force.

Life Updates

  • Saw one of my favorite bands live, Two Door Cinema Club!
  • City outings:
  • Had a (brief) white Thanksgiving back in my hometown!



I SAW TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB LIVE!  It was a major check off my bucket list, but in truth they didn’t meet all my expectations.  They did, however, completely smashed some.  I never expected my fave song, “Sun,” to “close” the night and be so lit.

Their opener — Broods — also pleasantly surprised me.  I really like their songs “Heartlines,” “Full Blown Love,” and “Are You Home.”


Darling, darling, darling, go whole heart.

And whenever I let you leave, I always saw you coming back to me…


Snippets of Internal Monologue

  • “We’re both hopeless romantics, aren’t we?”
  • I must be stopped.  Someone needs to get a stop sign and fucking throw it in my face.


Elementary has produced some truly touching moments in the past few episodes.

“When you and I first started, I quickly recognised your merits, both as a detective in your own right and in that you facilitated my own process.  I’m better at the work I do because of you.

But over the years, the relative importance of those two values has flipped:  I now value the work that we do, first and foremost, because I do it with you.

Sitting side by side, disagreeing but looking the same direction?  Fuckin’ classic Elementary.

Too-Relevant Tumblr Posts

Now it’s mostly a matter of buckling down to study.  I really want to crush my upcoming Bio exams.  Now that I feel pretty set with college relationships, and I want to explore my interests and possible career paths further.  I have a big variety of classes planned for next semester.  Much to be excited about!



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