If you’re friends with me on Snapchat, more often than not you’ll see this next to my name:


Yes, I’m the girl who’s a bit trigger-happy with screenshots.  When friends confront me about my this, I swear that I’m not collecting blackmail: I just find disproportionate delight in seemingly mundane photos and text.  Especially for Snapchat — there’s something earthy and guileless in my friends’ selfies that I treasure.

Do you ever scroll through your camera roll and see absolutely useless snapshots?  Yet, even though my phone’s storage protests, I can’t bring myself to delete some of these pictures.  

I can’t explain it.  Sometimes the most random things speak to me, and I just want to remember them, as if I’ll need them in the future.  Some random screenshots in my phone really speak to the human condition, I feel like, and I want to write a blog post centered on one.  But I can’t find enough words, so I just caption and compile them instead:


(If you relate, compile your own meaningless/ful snapshots and tag me in the post!)



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