Christmas Eve

Today I woke up late and, after eating a lazy brunch, went to a local sports bar with my family for a proper lunch.  We were showing my sister’s Dutch boyfriend a sample of American culture.  With loud football broadcasts from flatscreen TVs, crispy chicken wings, and fried pickles, I think we fulfilled our goal.

Next we drove to the lake to see the frozen beach and the seagulls poised on thick ice.  After that we went grocery shopping at the most heavenly place ever, Wegmans.  Back home, I sipped sparkling cider and hot chocolate.  I munched on chestnuts as my sister, her boyfriend, and I rewatched Home Alone.  As we sat on the couch, I looked at my Christmas tree between Macaulay Culkin’s iconic scenes, letting the Christmas spirit soak in.  After an only-slightly awkward dinner, we browsed my sister’s pics from New York City and talked in the living room.

This holiday, I’m happy that my sister is in her first serious relationship with a very sweet guy.

This holiday, I’m happy to be back in snowy Rochester with my family, soon-to-be-reunited with my high school friends, I hope.

This holiday, I’m happy that I have friends from college to miss and a cute boy to text.  I had an unexpectedly social beginning to college, and I miss the optimism of that time.  Recently, I’ve been feeling more down because of finals and my usual cyclic insecurities.  I’m sure  you’ll see my write about it later, as I plan to blog more during this break and beyond.  But amidst the gloom, I feel blessed.  I hope you are well this holiday, too.




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